What is CEUS?

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (“CEUS”) is an enhanced form of ultrasound imaging that has a favorable safety profile and may reduce the need for riskier and more expensive downstream diagnostic testing.  

CEUS uses special biocompatible ultrasound contrast agents to improve the quality and reliability of ultrasound scans, thereby helping physicians more accurately diagnose medical conditions and monitor therapy.  

Ultrasound contrast agents are liquid suspensions of biocompatible gas-filled microspheres.  When injected into a patient’s arm vein during an ultrasound exam, they flow unimpeded through the patient’s circulatory system, mimicking the flow patterns of red blood cells while producing enhanced ultrasound reflectivity.  Ultrasound contrast agents do not contain dye, and CEUS imaging does not expose patients to ionizing radiation.  

Ultrasound contrast agents are approved in more than 70 countries for use in diagnosing a wide variety of medical abnormalities of the heart, liver, gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys, and other organ systems.  At present, the following ultrasound contrast agents are available for approved indications in various countries:

  • Definity (Lantheus Medical Imaging)
  • Lumason (Bracco Diagnostics)
  • Optison (GE Healthcare)
  • Sonovue (Bracco Diagnostics)
  • Sonozoid (GE Healthcare)

Ongoing clinical trials and pending regulatory applications are aimed at expanding the approved uses of ultrasound contrast agents.

 CEUS Around the World

CEUS is used in multiple medical procedures around the world.  For a list of approved agents and their uses by country, please click on the link below:

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